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Case Studies

Mckillops Cyber Security

Protecting your business online

The risk from computer hacking or data breaches is a real and growing threat. Our cyber protection insurance can help...
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Mckillops landlord insurance dustpan broom

Protecting your rental property

Did you know that over 2.6 million Australians own an investment property? Like a home insurance policy, landlords...
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Mckillops motor insurance car door

Protecting your car

Jess had been working hard for years to save for her dream car - so when she finally bought it, she knew she needed to...
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Home Contents Case Study

Protecting your home and contents

You’d be surprised to learn that 9% of homeowners don’t have building or contents insurance. Thankfully, Michael and...
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Cafe Case Study

Protecting your business

A business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why it was...
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Local Farm Tasmania

Protecting your farm

With a young family, and a diverse farm portfolio, Paul and Jenna*, based in Northern Tasmania, needed a full suite of...
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